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This site was started after I wrote the book, “That Gratitude Attitude” and I was inspired by my own writing to do more with gratitude beyond writing a book. I began offering general free 21-day gratitude challenges to help people create a daily gratitude practice. That led to an interest in contributing to creating employee loyalty and retention programs for the workforce using gratitude as a basis. I also started creating classes on gratitude and now I’m working on adding a series of new courses in 2014. I am also creating a program where I inspire people to write a book and get it published within 90 days. And life and my interests all based on a structure of gratitude just keep growing.


At this time I have expanded my offerings to include free and fee-based opportunities where I use gratitude as a foundational element. Please check out my web site, and sign up for my newsletter, gratitude groups, and other opportunities using the form at the bottom of the page. Please keep checking back for more offerings, classes, and gratitude groups!


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·      21-Day Gratitude Challenges – I offer mostly free 21-day focused Gratitude Challenges. When you sign up for the newsletter you can indicate your interest in participating in the next one. You  will be notified when the next free group begins.

·     October 2014 – 21-Day Gratitude Group Challenge - focused on abundance, happiness, and money. This gratitude challenge has a cost of $9.95 unless you are already signed up as a member from past groups. Sign up here if you’d like to learn more and enroll.


Mail List 101 --

Learn the ins and outs of collecting emails, sending effective email campaigns, collecting names via social media and more with a free tool called MailChimp.


This is a working class! Bring your computer!


WHEN: Saturday, January 10th from 9AM to 3PM (bring your own lunch so we can use that time a working session).


LOCATION: 5752 Oberlin Drive, Suite 106, San Diego, CA 92121


Register now!


Note: Onsite class is located in San Diego. Click here to learn more now!







I’ve written four books that are currently available on Amazon now.
  •       That Gratitude Attitude
  •       Body and Soul, The Story of Life and Death
  •       Adventures with Ambien and Other Stories
  •        Death of Dirty Angels

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