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This site is currently under construction. We will be offering live virtual and on-demand technical courses in three Adobe tools (Captivate, RoboHelp, and FrameMaker), Business Process Improvement and Process Mapping, and MailChimp Email Marketing courses. In addition, we will be offering a subscription membership component that will allow you to access mastery-level classes so you can move your skills beyond the basics in any of the software tools we support.


How Is My Knowledge Experience Different from the Rest?


One of the key differences between my site and others that currently exist is that I'm questioning everything that was ever designated as "Basic" skills. My courses are designed to quickly make you productive and using complicated tools to get specific work done. Then, as you find you need more knowledge, you can come back and find just that little piece of training that addresses your immediate need.


Statistics show that after you take a course, you lose the knowledge quickly. This is especially true if you don' t use what you learn immediately. So if you take a 3-day RoboHelp class (the industry standard), you won't use more than half of it immediately, and the parts you will use are those I've relabeled as core or basic. I teach that basic course in two 4-hour virtual sessions with a day off between classes so you can immediately apply what you're learning. 


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